We Would Like To Tell You A Little About Our Company ‘Mad for Detailing’



Why did we set up Mad for Detailing?

  We believe that, as a consumer, you should be well informed about products and never deliberately mislead. We give you the right advice about how to use your products and the opportunity to return the item after trying it if you are not fully satisfied (see our terms and conditions). This is why we are different from the majority of other sellers as we truly believe that you really only know how good the product is when you actually try it out for yourself.

 We are here to help you choose the products that are right for you. We know that finding the ideal product is not always easy. That is why we have carried out some of the hard work for you by testing each item. This way we can inform you of what each product is capable of as well as its limitations. Products which we do not value or those which receive consistent negative consumer feedback are removed from our site.  


Our History

For many years, we have been detailing cars and cleaning many other types of vehicles. Along the way, we have tested many products; these include products aimed at both the professional and the enthusiast. This knowledge about a vast array of products has shaped our choices in deciding which items would meet the high standards we command in order for them to be sold in our store. This valuable experience has also helped us to write our ‘Detailing Guides', in the greatest of detail, offering you lots of helpful tips and advice. You can download your own free copy of these guides when you sign up to become a member of ‘Mad for Detailing’.


Testing the Products

It was apparent to us that not all products on the detailing market are as good as the manufacturers claimed. We personally felt that quite a few were only good enough for the bin. As we only want to sell the best products, we wanted to ensure that you did not have to experience the disappointment of spending your hard earned money on a product which didn't meet your expectations. So every product will have been tested on as many different vehicles, and situations, as possible, before being sold in our store. 

Testing all the products was critical to us to ensure we sell the best possible car care products to you, as it is not always the most expensive products which are the best. By reading the individual reviews of each item, it should help you make an informed decision about which product would be best for you. We also strongly recommend that you read the questions and answers that other users have asked about the products, and feel free to ask your own question before buying the product.

We will not sell you anything we have not tested first.


Our Journey So Far

We have worked alongside other professionals who have helped to make this dream a reality. It has not been an easy road, but we have maintained our focus, and this detailing e-commerce store is the result of many years hard work in order to convert ourit from our original aspirations to achieving the reality of this, our initial goal. We are hoping that in the years to come, with your support, we will continue our journey to provide the best car care products, at the best prices while offering you outstanding customer service.


Our Service

We are a small business, but very passionate about the products we sell and how to use them correctly in order to achieve the best results when detailing or cleaning. We appreciate the importance of good customer relationships and service, and valuing this we will always strive to offer you the best possible customer care. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your buying experience with us. If you have any difficulties with our delivery or returns service, we will endeavour to resolve these with minimum fuss, as we try to focus on making sure we have a delivery/returns option to suit you. Finally, remember our ultimate commitment to you: if you are not happy with any product, even if you have used it, you are still be able to return it to us for a full refund, in accordance with our terms and conditions.


Testing New  Products

 We love trialling and testing new items and we get excited by the extensive range of new care products which become available. We will constantly be testing products that have entered the detailing market, trying to find the best new developments. We would love to hear about any products which you feel are worth us researching and possibly stocking in the future.

 If you are a manufacturer and would like us to consider retailing your products, please contact us.


Our Products

We are very proud of the products we sell and all are carefully selected by us. We have an extensive range of products for detailing, carpet and fabric cleaning. They have been developed to meet specific requirements, so we will have the right items for you.


How did we come up with the name

 We approached a branding agency to help us design a logo. At this point, we already had a name for the company. However, after a consultation with the designers where we explained our ethos and our future vision, they told us that they didn't feel the name we had originally considered fitted with the passion and love we had for detailing. We were advised that we needed a name that reflected the ideology of the company. One brainstorming session later,  we came up with what you know and love today, ' Mad for Detailing: suppliers for auto perfection'. It was evident from the first time we said it, it was the right name. It fitted perfectly, and within a week, we had the logo.  

 We hope you enjoy exploring our site and find what you are looking for. If you require any help, please do not hesitate to contact us.


 All our products are tried & tested, we offer helpful tips and advice, and have compiled some information guides to teach you how to detail like a true professional.

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We strive for perfection, this Is what sets us apart from the competition.