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We truly believe in having the right tool for the task in hand. Whatever it should be, from the small brush designed to fit into tiny crevices or a brush on a long pole, which enables you to reach the top of your vehicle. It is important that you have a wide variety of tools & accessories designed for optimum use.

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  1. Flexipads Pro Applicators (Set of 2)

    Pro Applicator has a cut/scrub side for light compounding/polishing and a fine finish side for high glass polishing and applying sealants or waxes. The applicator can also be used for interior work; the yellow (scrub) side to clean leather and the fine side to apply the conditioner. Learn More
  2. LTT WHITE CLOTHS pack of 10

    Out of stock

    Superb professional quality cloths for use with LTT Leathercare products Developed specifically for leather care use Learn More
  3. Meguiar's Triple Duty Detailing Brush

    • Longer length bristle ideal for trim and moulding
    • Shorter length non-scratch bristle for tight areas for proffesional quality results
    • Unique end bristles provide the ultimate way to get into hard to reach areas
    Learn More
  4. Meguiar's Reusable Detailing Swabs

    Ten each of two different-sized swabs let you wipe away grime and debris, apply product efficiently and remove residue from your vehicle’s many recesses Learn More
  5. Meguiar's Even Coat Applicator Pads
  6. Thick microfibre pad evenly distributes pressure for consistent application.
  7. The ultimate applicator for swirl-free, show car perfect finishes.
  8. Use on paint as the ideal pad for ultra fine polishing and waxing.
  9. Learn More
  • Meguiar's Soft Foam Applicator Pads

    • Soft foam for smooth application of lotions, gels, dressings and protectants.
    • Ideal for use on all leather, vinyl and rubber surfaces
    Learn More
  • Meguiar's Lambswool Wash Mitt

    Our lambswool wash mitt will pamper your paintwork and is ideal for sensitive finishes that mark easily. Learn More

  • Meguiar's Grit Guard® Insert & Bucket best

    Starting at: £9.99

    Preventing swirl marks is one of the biggest challenges in caring for today’s delicate Learn More
  • Stiff Bristle Spotting Brush (nail)

    Out of stock

    Stiff natural fibre short bristle brush for spot and stain removal and tamping Learn More
  • Tampico upholstery brush

    Out of stock

    This brush has soft Tampico bristles that gently agitate the fibres to help to remove soiling from delicate surfaces the Tampico bristles are resistant to most chemicals the brush fit nicely in your hand for perfect interior brush Learn More
  • Mad for Detailing Perfect Essential Polish Remover

    Starting at: £4.99

    • Size 40cm x 40cm.
    • Light to medium weight GSM.
    • Laster cut edgeless.
    • 70/30 Premium blend.
    • Colour Dark Purple.
    • Made in Korea. 
    Learn More
  • Mad for Detailing Everyday Polishing Towel

    Starting at: £3.99

    • Size 40cm x 40cm.
    • Light to medium weight GSM.
    • Overlock sewn edges.
    • 70/30 Premium blend.
    • Colour Dark Gray
    • Made in Korea. 
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  • Soft Tire & Trim Foam Applicator Pad

    Starting at: £5.99

    • 2 Pack high-quality, dense foam soft durable
    • high-quality, dense foam soft durable
    • Makes dressing trim & tires easy
    • Gives an even coat
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  • Tuff Tire & Trim Foam Applicator Pad

    Starting at: £5.99

    • Made From Premium dense foam
    • Makes applying dressing easy
    • the groves help hold the product
    • hold up better vs other foam
    • can be used on also most any size tire
    • Helps keep your hands clean 
    Learn More
  • Mad for Detailing Silky Soft Buffing Towel Pack of 2 36cm x 46cm

    • Heavyweight 1000gsm towel.
    • Size 36cm x 46cm 
    • Soft tape edging
    • 70/30 blend
    • Colour light grey & blue 
    Learn More
  • Mad for Detailing Premium Horse Hair Brushes for Leather & Fabric Cleaning

    • 100% Horse Hair Bristles
    • Very soft for gentle cleaning of your leather fabric or other surfaces
    • Large brush for cleaning larger surface area quicken
    • Bristles set in a wooden block
    • Made in chine to the high quality
    Learn More
  •  Black Mamba Gloves

    Starting at: £13.99

    Made with patented NITREX® polymer, this super strong (6.0 mils) powder-free nitrile glove boasts 3 times the chemical and puncture resistance of a comparable thickness latex or vinyl glove. These gloves feature our grip rite finish for secure handling and dexterity even when working with fine objects. Learn More
  • Stiff synthetic

    Out of stock

    Has stiff nylon brisel and is best used on carpets or simer the stiff briels help srub and agitate the surface to remove the soiling from the pile 

    Learn More
  • Grit Guard® Insert

    Preventing swirl marks 

    Grit Guard® snugly fits.

    Learn More
  • Meguiar's MD Faucets For 5 Gallon Containers

    Clear faucet for 5 gallon containers Learn More
  • Flexipads Soft Edge IVORY Ultra Fine Finishing Applicators (Set of 2)

    Soft Edge IVORY Ultra Fine Applicators (Set of 2) Learn More
  • Flexipads Soft Edge Tri-Applicators (Set of 3)

    Set of 3 foams with a soft tapered edges ideal for corners. 105mm diameter. Learn More
  • Professional BLACK & WHITE Waffle Applicator (Set of 2)

    Waffle design applicator pads, with slices in the middle for easier grip. Black and White foams for firm and soft usage. Learn More
  • Flexipads Split BLUE Detail Foams (Set of 2)

    Perfect for applying polish and dressing to tires and the inside surface of vehicles. The sliced edges mean you can get a good grip on the foam, while keeping your fingers away from work. Rinse under running water for easy clean up. Learn More
  • Flexipads White Wax Applicator Pads (Set of 2)

    Washable foam specially designed to improve wax application and reduce waste. Delivers the correct amount of wax to tight hard-to-reach areas of the paint’s surface in a non-aggressive manner. 35mm foam depth. Learn More
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