Wash Mitts,Drying Towels

Wash Mitts,Drying Towels

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Choosing the right wash tool. This is really down to your personal preference, some recommendations include:

 If you like the traditional sponge,   the supernatural wash sponge is a great choice.

If you like microfiber or simulated sheepskin to wash your vehicle there are some great products on our website which are sure to meet your needs.

However, we find that it is almost impossible to beat the authentic sheepskin. Available in either short or long haired mitts, it is still the very best for washing your car.  We have a very wide selection of both types of wash mitts with wool from Australia and Ireland. These are available with either a thumb/or no thumb option, and some also offer a ‘bug scrub back’.


We do not recommend the use of a standard yellow wash sponge for the body work, as this will have the highest risk of scratching or marring the finish of your vehicle.

 If you ever drop your mitt we would strongly recommend that you dispose of it, to ensure you do not scratch or mar the surface of your vehicle

When washing the paint work we would always recommend using the 2 bucket method. This really should be part of your standard wash method, as it helps ensures that grit and other contaminates do not come in to contract with your paintwork minimising the risk of marring or scratching the surface.

Drying Towels

Now it’s time dry your vehicle, but there are no chamois leathers in sight, just the softest microfiber towels.

Microfiber towels are more absorbent than natural or synthetic Chamois’ and are less likely to mar the finish when drying the vehicle.

We have microfiber towels in all different sizes and types. Please take a look at our extensive range.

After washing your car, you will need to dry all the exterior surfaces to ensure a spot free finish.

We sell towels in different sizes for drying bodywork, wheels, engines, door shuts, etc. to ensure effective and superior results. 

You must always make sure that you use a different towel for bodywork and wheels.  This will help to ensure the possibility of marring

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