Mad for Detailing Hybrid Soft Sheepskin Wash Mitt

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Mad for Detailing Hybrid Soft Sheepskin Wash Mitt

  • Made From Premium Australian wool

  • Short soft, dense wool & long soft wool

  • Elasticated Cuff to ensure it doesn’t  come off easily

  •  Minimise the risk of swirls & marring when washing your vehicle. 

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How To Use

Caring For Sheepskin Wash Mitts

Washing & Maintaining:

  • We recommend always washing the mitt by hand and leaving it to dry naturally.
  • Although the mitt can be machine washed it may damage the wool.
  • Rinse using water (warm water is fine but hot water should not be used for this purpose).
  • We do not advise using any type of chemical to clean the mitts.
  • Long-haired wool wash mitts must be combed with a brush in order to maintain the wool.
  • Do not use the mitt when dirty.
  • In the event that the mitt comes into contact with the floor, we would strongly recommend replacing it to prevent damage/swirls on paintwork.
  • Use in conjunction with: A separate mitt for the lower areas of the vehicle. ‘Two-bucket’ method. Ph neutral shampoo.



Please Read The Product label Before Using For Help Email [email protected]

Product Description


Our hybrid mitt takes the best of both, with its soft Australian wool that won’t scratch the delicate surfaces of your clear coat or paintwork. The long wool helps to hold/ trap the dirt in the mitt and away from the surface of your car. The short wool is perfect for gently removing bugs and slightly more stubborn dirt. The mitt will hold more than enough wash solution, making it the perfect wash tool.
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