Trade Account Why Should I Sign Up

If you work as a detailer, valet, car washer, car dealer or you are  in sales and you use an increasing amount of products you should sign up because:

 You will get a valuable discount on products and save even more by bulk buys and exclusive offers. As a Trade account member, you will have exclusive access to new product testing.

 We can offer help choosing products specifically designed for your business as well as teaching you how to use them.

 No minimum order and no minimum product purchase. if you only need only 1, that’s fine by us, so you can order exactly what you want when you want,  which stops you stocking lots of products. With next day delivery, you can have just what you need.  

 All you need to do

is fill in the simple form below. Once we have received your completed form, and you have confirmed agreement of our terms and conditions we will consider your request.

 To help us speed up the process please include any social media sites and forums, which you use. Sharing with us any unique information  about you and your company, will help us to ensure we can advise you in the best possible way with products and offers. We will aim to get your application done within 24 hours of submission.

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